Leo Izen's Website

About Me

I'm Leo Izen, a mathematics major at the University of Michigan, an amateur programmer of 13 years, and a huge nerd. This page is a bit of personal space for me to stick whatever. Disclaimer: This page is not a portfolio or a resume. Please do not treat it as a distilled professional anthology presentation. (I can write inordinately obfuscatingly syllabic passages too!)

Web Programs
Standalone Programs

I know this is somewhat empty. I'm a mathematician, not a software developer.

Stuff I like
Here's a few things and resources I like. Some are mine, some are not.
  • I go by the name thebombzen on the Internet when possible, using the avatar on the left. I'm male/he/him; I just like the icon.
  • Zorn's Potato - my math blog
  • Github
  • Stack Overflow
  • Riemann Integrable - my personal Tumblr
  • MyAnimeList.net
  • YouTube - mostly an anime clip dump
  • Gfycat - mostly an Overwatch clip dump
  • You can usually find me on the freenode and Rizon IRC servers with the nickname thebombzen.
  • I write mods for the popular game Minecraft, named AutoSwitch and EnchantView. You can check out my mods here.